Illusionist collection

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This Season

The Illusionist Collection was inspired by both Magritte’s painting “Son of Man” and the late 90s version of “The Thomas Crown Affair”, a heist film centered around this famous artwork. 

With her Illusionist Collection, Sophie has recreated the mood of both the painting and film, which share a central theme – the dichotomy between what is visible and what is hidden from view. 

With the Illusionist Collection, Sophie features a dark and dreamy landscape with a palette of mossy greens, deep blues, blacks with shimmering gold and luminescent accents. The collection captures these rich tones by incorporating pyrite, onyx, deep blue lapis, and moss green.

Elsa Choker

An art deco statement choker. The center is made of graduated columns that form a beautiful Art Deco shape, cascading over at the center of the neckline. 

Handmade in New York

Margot Cuff

Lustrous bands of architectural elegance. A hand-casted solid cuff features 2 vertical spheres in asymmetrical composition, creating a bold and beautiful artistic piece that plays with negative space. 

Handmade in New York City.


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