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About our materials:

  • Gold - a layer of 14k or 18k gold micro-plated over brass (unless stated otherwise)
  • Silver - a layer of either silver or rhodium micro-plated over brass
  • Rose Gold - a layer of 14k or 18k rose gold micro-plated over brass (unless stated otherwise)
  • Sterling Silver - .925 Sterling Silver
  • Ox Silver - a layer of silver micro-plated over brass that has been oxidized
  • Gunmetal - a variation of bronze that creates a dark gray metal with a bluish tinge
  • Earring posts are either Sterling Silver or surgical steel
  • All of our jewelry is nickel free

What is micro-plating?

Micro-plating, or Micron gold plating, is similar to "heavy gold plating" and is a much more qualitative method of plating jewelry. This is in contrast to the commonly used method called "flash" plating, which is the lowest quality of plating and wears off quickly. All of our plated pieces are micro-plated for durability and value.

Will the jewelry tarnish?

Our metals are no different from others. Sterling Silver and other finishes will oxidize over time. In store, we keep our jewelry collections pristine with a caring wipe of a jewelry cloth. For extra shine, some pieces enjoy a nice soak in a tub of jewelry cleaner. Cleaning cloths are complimentary upon request and jewelry cleaner is available for purchase.

What is oxidized silver?

It is a style of silver created through controlled oxidation, where the metal is exposed to factors that cause tarnish for a beautiful darkening effect.

I have certain metal allergies. Will these pieces effect me?

Every person's skin and chemistry react differently to certain metals. Our materials are explained above and we are happy to answer any questions about a specific piece that captures your interest. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I don't see my ring size -- do you offer other sizes?

In store we offer ring sizes 6, 7 and 8; however, we can create a custom ring size for an extra charge of $10. Contact us and let us know which piece you're interested in and what size you'd like. We'd be happy to accommodate this request.  

Do you customize jewelry?

Yes, we offer some additional customization starting at $10. The pricing may vary depending on the amount of customization that you are requesting. For all inquiries, please email Expect your piece to be shipped within 2-4 weeks of order.

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