Nomaterra - Malibu Perfume Oil

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floral - heady - medium bodied - vanilla - narcotic - feminine

Imagine driving up Route 1 along the Pacific Coast Highway. You bank a left on Paradise Cove Road, and make your way to the exclusive beach bound by jutting cliffs. You jump into the temperate water, maybe with a surfboard in hand, as the last bit of sun glistens across the surface of your skin on this perfect late afternoon. The surf is just right, the birds’ singsong radiates overhead, as you’re reminded of the innocence and free spirit of this moment in Paradise Cove, Malibu. A seductive and sweet gourmand-floral ensemble of honeysuckle, sultry Bulgarian rose, and narcotic orchid, anchored by aromatic vanilla and warm amber. Inspired by multiple road trips along Route 1 throughout Agnieszka’s life, the first being at age 13. 

Concentrated perfume made with all natural coconut oil. Bottles filled and packaging assembled by hand. Made in New York. We incorporate natural and organic ingredients, which we select from the finest quality and exclusive sources. We do not, and will never, test on animals.

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