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Nourish and Refine - Floral Face Mist 1 Oz

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Our newest Face Mists are here and available in two scents: Floral and Citrus. Floral Face Mist is a blend of pure white rosewater and lavender water. Pure White Rosewater is derived from white rose petals, where lavender water is derived from lavender buds, then distilled to contain the purest antioxidants and vitamins.

Infused with Amethyst, Floral Face Mist will elevate your frequency and your skin's natural vibrancy. Amethyst is the stone of protection (self, home, family), focus, and insight. It aids in meditation, calming the mind and body, and promotes restful sleep.

Hold the spray 6 inches in front of your face and spray until your face has a light layer then let air-dry. Use in the morning or after a workout as a skin refresher.


  • Tones the skin (spray on face & body before and after moisturizer)

  • Sets makeup (spray after makeup is applied)

  • Promotes restful sleep (spray on or around you)

  • Promotes calm, protection, and insight (spray in each room of your home, before and after visitors)

  • Air freshener: Linen and pillow spray

Ingredients: Pure white rosewater, Lavender water, and Amethyst pieces.

Handmade in small batches. 100% natural. Nontoxic. Vegan. Cruelty Free.

*This product has no hidden ingredients, chemicals, or preservatives, therefore, store in a cool, dark place.*