ISSUE N°2: SB Mood - What Inspires Us!

ISSUE N°2: SB Mood - What Inspires Us!

Published by Jilene Jackson on Apr 23rd 2020

                   You Know Something Is Missing From Your Outfit But You Lack Real Inspiration ... Right?

- Hollywood Actress Natalie Wood

SOPHIE BLAKE has found what inspires her personally and desires to help all women to curate style through timeless jewelry pieces that are perfect for creative expression.

We Are Inspired By ...

Being surrounded by city skylines and industrial spaces, greatly contributes to Sophie's keen eye for contemporary architectural structures.

Architectural influence can be seen at the SOPHIE BLAKE boutique stores that display modern and sophisticated ambiance with white floors, high ceilings and industrial fixtures.

Geometry is an artistic influence for Sophie who believes shapes and patterns create a classic modernity. Sophie Blake NY jewelry designs always draw inspiration from geometric art, fixtures, and patterns that create wearable art that is minimal and transcends time.

Art Deco has heavily influenced SOPHIE BLAKE jewelry design, which began at a Manhattan studio.

Sophie Blake NY curates wearable art from this iconic era.

SOPHIE BLAKE is committed to keeping her jewelry line contemporary while simultaneously enchanting women with a nostalgia displayed in timeless designs. So naturally, Sophie draws inspiration from music, movies, and cultural trends which are essential to keeping the design process modern and fresh.


Camille Bracelet                                                


Karla Earrings

Coming Soon: The SB JOURNAL - Issue N°3 

What Inspires You?

We want to know what inspires you too and how you express yourself with SOPHIE BLAKE NY jewelry!

Be sure to check The SB Journal often to stay connected with us. Say hello on our social pages and use #sophieblake and #sophieblakeinspo to show us your jewelry inspirations!

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