ISSUE N°3: Mayakoba Collection - Part 6 At Midnight

ISSUE N°3: Mayakoba Collection - Part 6 At Midnight

Published by Jilene Jackson on Jun 15th 2018

Let's Get Into the Mayakoba Mood!

Sophie Blake NY's Mayakoba collection is inspired by five key colors that celebrate the very best of Mexican jewelry.

Sophie Blake NY Jewelry Mayakoba Collection Design Inspiration At Midnight - Black Onyx

Escape with us to Mayakoba!

Sophie Blake NY's Mayakoba collection is inspired by...

At Midnight (Black Onyx)

Black Onyx has a rich history dating back to Ancient Egyptians who used onyx to make jewelry and pottery. Ancient Greeks and Romans used pieces of onyx as part of their physical, spiritual and mental healing therapies for wounds, to increase stamina and strength, for beauty and hygiene treatments, warding off evil, and alleviation of anxiety. In the Victorian era, Onyx was a popular jewelry to be worn in mourning usually set in the opulent cameo carvings. In the 1920's, Black Onyx provided a brilliant contrast in the beautiful silver settings of Art Deco jewelry.

Onyx takes its name from the Greek word "onux", which means fingernail; this could be due to a Greek legend, in which Eros mischievously cut the fingernails of Aphrodite with an arrowhead whilst she slept, and the gods turned the clippings into stone, which we now know as onyx.

Found in just a few places around the world, black onyx is the rarest color. Mexico, is one main place Onyx can be found and is mined in Puebla, Oaxaca, and Chihuahua. Black Onyx has always been popular with jewelers because it is a stone that is very malleable. This stone is easy to cut and shape and is also sturdy enough to make jewelry that endures the test of time; in this way wearing the style of Black Onyx is by definition - timeless and classic. Onyx is said to have many mystical and healing properties. It's believed to bring good luck, happiness, and wealth to anyone wearing it.

Mayakoba Collection Frida Earrings in Black Onyx and Sterling Silver 

Our Black Onyx inspired Mayakoba jewelry will give your look that #royalstyle!

Coming Soon: The SB Journal Issue N°4 - 

7 Ways to Style the Mayakoba Collection for Every Summer Personality

Stay tuned for Issue N°4 as we share our inspirations and how the Mayakoba collection can 

help you bring style to one of the seven summer personalities!  

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