ISSUE N°6: The Evolution of Sophie Blake - Part 1 Time Capsule with Cassini & Villon Collection

ISSUE N°6: The Evolution of Sophie Blake - Part 1 Time Capsule with Cassini & Villon Collection

Published by Jilene Jackson on Apr 23rd 2020

"Fashion changes, but style endures." — Coco Chanel


The words of Coco Chanel ring true that fashion is ever evolving, but style is everlasting. SOPHIE BLAKE NY Jewelry isn't just fashion accessories, it's inspired by art and therefore is art itself. The Sophie Blake design aesthetic is classic in its nature that endures the test of time --- inspiring the wearer to be a "timeless and confident woman".

Be inspired as we go back in time to explore the evolution of SOPHIE BLAKE NY Jewelry and our first collections that began a journey toward style, not fashion that is artistic and universally classic.

Sophie Blake NY Villon Collection

The Villon Collection is an evolution of minimalism through Cubist art forms. Imagine the moment when rigid geometric form gives in to the natural forces that surround it - a delicate balance between nature and modern art. The Villon collection captures that transformative moment, bringing to life the harmony between the two worlds: earth and art.


Inspiration is drawn from classic Cubist Art. Each piece explores the concept, proposition, texture and shapes of fundamental Cubist structures to accent colors found in nature.

Jacques Villon "Les Peupliers" Painting

The Villon Collection is inspired by French Cubist painter Jacques Villon and his artwork titled "Les Peupliers." An interpretation of the Populous species of trees, Villon's painting echoes designer Sophie Blake's effort to recreate nature through her own lens: jewelry.

The Cassini Collection explores the concept of space and time using the hexagon shape. The inspiration from this collection stems from an obscure, yet beautiful solar system discovered on the north pole of the "golden planet" Saturn. 

Saturn's Hexagon Storm GIF

New images recently captured from the Cassini Spacecraft show that the solar system's pattern forms a hexagon. The perplexing and still unexplained shape of this storm is a unique phenomenon amongst all the planets in our solar system.

Sophie Blake NY Petite Lisa Necklace Rose Gold

The hexagon is both the focal point of each piece in the Cassini Collection as well as the foundation of its design. Just like Saturn's extraterrestrial storm, each piece portrays mystery, complexity, and beauty --- creating a subtle language of space and dimension.

SOPHIE BLAKE envisions and creates timeless jewelry for the modern woman. The collections explore the fine line between classic and contemporary, creating an iconic look that transcends time and makes for captivating wearable art.

If you're into artsy hipster vibes, add your favorite piece from SOPHIE BLAKE's 

classics like the Cassini or Villon Collection!

Coming Soon: The SB Journal Issue N°6 - The Evolution of Sophie Blake Part 2

Stay tuned for Issue N°6 Part 2 as we take a look back into the SOPHIE BLAKE time capsule of original collections that began our journey of making classic and modern jewelry for "the timeless and confident woman".

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