ISSUE N°6: The Evolution of Sophie Blake - Part 2 Time Capsule with Illusionist Collection

ISSUE N°6: The Evolution of Sophie Blake - Part 2 Time Capsule with Illusionist Collection

Published by Jilene Jackson on Apr 23rd 2020

"Fashions fade ... style is eternal." — Yves Saint Laurent


The candor of Yves Saint Laurent is undeniable, that fashion is fleeting, but style is forever. SOPHIE BLAKE NY Jewelry is not just fashion accessories, it is inspired by art and therefore is art itself. The SOPHIE BLAKE design aesthetic is classic in its nature that endures the test of time -- inspiring the wearer to be a "timeless and confident woman".

Be inspired as we go back in time to explore the evolution of SOPHIE BLAKE NY Jewelry and our first collections that began a journey toward style, not fashion that is artistic and universally classic.

Sophie Blake NY Villon Collection

The Illusionist Collection is inspired by Magritte's painting "The Son of Man" and the late 90's film "The Thomas Crown Affair," starring Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo, a heist plot centered around this famous artwork. Sophie has attempted to recreate the mood of both the painting and the artwork, which share a central theme -- the dichotomy between what is visible and what is hidden from view.

Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

"The Son of Man" -- Magritte's self-portrait -- consists of a man in a Bowler hat standing in front of a low wall, beyond which is the sea and cloudy sky. The Bowler hat is a frequent visual element used in Magritte's work -- it is said that this may be a reference to his mother, a hat maker also known as a milliner. Sophie has borrowed Magritte's favorite symbol, and in a surrealist twist of her own, uses the iconic bowler hat in her own collection.

The Son of Man by René Magritte

The Son of Man (1964) by René Magritte (1898-1967) Oil on canvas painting from a private collection.

The Bowler hat's shape is subtly echoed and hinted at in the shapes of different pieces in the Illusionist Collection. Sophie has created a body of work that features a dark and dreamy landscape with a palette of mossy greens, deep blues, and blacks, with shimmering gold and luminescent accents. The collection captures these rich tones by incorporating pyrite, onyx, deep blue lapis, and moss green. 


Like Princess Diana, display an air of beauty and mystery when you wear a piece from the Illusionist Collection.

Princess Diana -  Wonder Woman (2017)

Coming Soon: The SB Journal Issue N°6 - Part 3 The Evolution of Sophie Blake

Stay tuned for Issue N°6 as we take a look back into the Sophie Blake time capsule of original collections that began our journey of making classic and modern jewelry for "the timeless and confident woman".

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