ISSUE N°6: The Evolution of Sophie Blake - Part 3 Time Capsule with Santhiya Collection

ISSUE N°6: The Evolution of Sophie Blake - Part 3 Time Capsule with Santhiya Collection

Published by Jilene Jackson on Apr 23rd 2020

"Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever." - Ralph Lauren

Sophie Blake NY Santhiya Collection

The wisdom of Ralph Lauren encourages us to see the futility of fashion and to see style as a personal and sustainable value that endures. SOPHIE BLAKE NY Jewelry is not just fashion accessories, it is inspired by art and therefore is art itself. The SOPHIE BLAKE design aesthetic is classic in it's nature that endures the test time --- inspiring the wearer to be a "timeless and confident woman". Be inspired as we go back in time to explore the evolution of SOPHIE BLAKE NY Jewelry and our first collections that began a journey toward style, not fashion that is artistic and universally classic.

Sophie Blake Jewelry Santhiya

Santhiya is a resort located in Koh Phangan off the coast of the mainland of Thailand. It is a traditional Thai-style eco-luxury beach resort. The resort has made great conservation efforts to protect the natural beauty and wildlife. Snorkeling is the best in the world here with undisturbed sea life and eco-friendly practices have kept large boulders, hidden beaches, and trees preserved.  "Derived from Thai words meaning “natural” and “beauty”, Santhiya Resorts & Spas are situated in the most pristine tropical corners of Thailand."

Santhyia Resorts Koh Phangan, Thailand Image taken by Sophie Blake

The natural beauty of Santhiya is enveloped in tropical rain forests, mountains, sand bars, and Buddhist temples. Religion is one of the greatest influences in Thailand with the traditions and beliefs of Buddhism being central to Thailand culture. "Buddhism originated in India in the 6th century BC, founded by Prince Siddhartha, who eventually achieved the ultimate goal of enlightenment. After 49 days of meditating under a bodhi tree, he became Buddha, or the “Awakened One"."

Buddhist Temple, Thailand Image taken by Sophie Blake

One of the most common symbols of Buddha's teachings is the mandala, which is Sanskrit for circle. The mandala is a ritual and spiritual symbol of Buddhism and Hinduism that externally is a diagram that represents the universe, internally represents wholeness, and is used as tool for artistic expression and meditation practices. The mandala is in line with the SOPHIE BLAKE design aesthetic of geometry. The circle as a geometric shape and spiritual symbol "denotes balance, perfection and eternity as the distance from its center to all points on it remains the same, from wherever it is measured."

Sophie Blake NY Santhiya Collection Charlotte Pendant - 14k Gold

The Santhiya Collection is inspired by a use of circular shapes which represents repetition and rebirth. This theme of rebirth became a spiritual journey for Sophie who was fascinated with idea of life not being finite but infinite. This concept is rooted in the philosophy and worldview of Buddhism; the lens that is used to look at life in Thailand.  

WITHOUT and WITHIN: Questions and Answers on the Teachings of Theravāda Buddhism" by Ajahn Jayasaro

Sophie's experience of the natural beauty of Santhiya and her reflections from the book "WITHOUT and WITHIN: Questions and Answers on the Teachings of Theravāda Buddhism" by Ajahn Jayasaro, resulted in a design inspiration that uses circular shapes to celebrate the beauty and symbolism of life's cyclicalness; birth, death and rebirth. 

Josephine Pendant

Any piece from the Santhiya collection is the perfect accessory for your next Eat Pray Love pilgrimage or when you need some #zenvibes in your life! 

Coming Soon: The SB Journal Issue N°7 Labor Day Weekend Essentials

Stay tuned for Issue N°7 and all the must have's you need for a perfect holiday weekend.

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