Issue N°8: Capitol File Magazine Featuring Sophie Blake NY

Issue N°8: Capitol File Magazine Featuring Sophie Blake NY

Published by Jilene Jackson on Apr 23rd 2020

We are thrilled to announce Sophie Blake's feature "DC's Most Stylish" in the September 2018 Issue of Capitol File Magazine.

The feature is titled "IN FASHION" a look into the DC's Most Stylish who are helping the fashion industry flourish in The District. Sophie is so proud to be a part of a wonderful community of DC creatives with and honored to be named amongst the most distinguished group of individuals with unique careers in fashion.

Join us for an interview with Sophie herself! 

What made you decide to begin a career in fashion and jewelry design?

It was a natural progression and what I would call a happy accident. I was artistic and loved design and fashion but decided to go to University to pursue Political Science and Economics. I still felt a void in my life and I realized it was that I wasn't using my creative gifts. One day my parents gifted me a bracelet made of Jade chips and it was too big on me. I decided to take it apart and make it into a pair of earrings and a cocktail ring. That was the first moment I got a taste of creativity and I decided to take more classes and learn how to make jewelry.

What's the first thing you do to get a good start to your morning?

Well my cat Sasha is my alarm clock in the morning. She comes up to my bed and with a very demanding "Meow" asks me to get out of bed and turn on the facet for her morning drink of water :)"

I like to take a moment and show gratitude for what I have. I carry two moonstones in a pouch and hold them as I thank God and the Universe for all things in my life.

What's a piece of jewelry you can't live without? or What is your favorite accessory to wear?

My wedding and engagement band and a one of my bracelets. I love having cuffs on, I find them comfortable. I do love a good pair of earrings, they complete the whole outfit.

Everything tastes better with a little:

Hot Sauce

Especially my husband's home made Hot Sauce. (He grows his own peppers and every summer we harvest them, make them into hot sauce bottles and give them out as Christmas gifts).

Sophie Blake Founder, SOPHIE BLAKE NY featured in Captiol File Magazine September 2018 Issue In Fashion : DC's Most Stylish

Do you have a nickname?

My nickname from my husband is Bee, because I'm always a busy Bee and buzz around all day and night working away at my business.

How would you describe the landscapes of DC and New York influencing your designs?

So DC is an interesting market because I would call it the middle road of Fashion. The customer is mainly looking for staple and classic pieces and sometimes likes to invest in unique and artistic accessories. New York has a elevated fashion scene, very bold, fun and electic in their style choices.

When I design I try to keep things classic but with a bit of a twist. I play with negative space and volume but always with comfort in mind.

Why is being a sustainable brand important to you?

I think that as a designer I have to think about my footprint on the Planet.

I have had so many people tell me to make my line in Asia, that the margins would be better and quality is the same. To me its not always about the dollar amount. If we don't support our own seamstresses, metalsmiths or local shoemakers and give into our vices we will not only destroy our planet but our community with it.

We recently introduced our very first line with recycled metals "The Mayakoba Collection" and the response is very positive.

What is something you hope for when a person wears SOPHIE BLAKE NY?

They feel joy and appreciation for the pieces. They are proud to wear it and feel uniquely classic, like the "Modern And Confident Women" they are.

Who would be your dream designer to collaborate with and why?

There are so many cool brands to choose from so this is a hard one.

From the more recent brands I have a huge admiration for Cuyana, I love their aesthetic and would love to do a collaboration with them. They really have an amazing online presence.

From the heritage brands I have been absolutely loving Fendi and their creative direction. It would be an ultimate dream to design for the Fendi house.

Top Model Bella Hadid at Fendi Women's Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Show

If you had one week to escape where would you go and what would you do?

Just one week!? Okay again another hard question but I think I would do Vietnam, Cambodia and Northern Thailand (my Santhiya Collection is inspired by my vacation to Koh Phangan Thailand; an eco-luxury beach resort.)

What is one piece of advice you could give to aspiring boss ladies?

Try not to focus on other people's success and define your own pathway. No one path is right or wrong. Life will take you on all kinds of twist and turns as you try to navigate your business.

Be kind to yourself and take time for family and friends, work will always be there waiting for you.

Lastly, build a good team around you, one that is positive and supportive. The people you decide to hire are the face of your brand so make sure you pick wisely.

I think i just gave you three points of advice (laughing).

If you could define SOPHIE BLAKE NY in three words, what would they be?


Don't forget to pick up a copy of the Capitol File's September Issue to see Sophie and the great company she keeps of the most stylish here in Washington D.C.!

Capitol File Magazine September 2018

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