Issue N°9: SB Chats with Aggie Burnett of Nomaterra

Issue N°9: SB Chats with Aggie Burnett of Nomaterra

Published by Jilene Jackson on Oct 2nd 2018

The SB Journal welcomes you to SB Chats! 

SB Chats is a series of brief talks showcasing amazing boss ladies behind incredible brands. Sophie is thrilled to be a part of a wonderful community of female creatives and entrepreneurs. It is Sophie's desire to introduce you to amazing boss ladies that are unique and fill us with the inspiration we need to be "a timeless and confident woman".

If you have shopped at SOPHIE or at Sophie's boutique located in the Washington DC metro area you may have come across or enjoy the wonderful products of Nomaterra Fragrances. Nomaterra is a New York City-based fragrance company "for nomads (Noma) of the earth (Terra) formed by the globe-trotting husband and wife team of self-taught perfumer Agnieszka (Aggie) and Benjamin Burnett". Aggie is also the owner of Aggie Burnett Creative (AB Creative NY) a marketing and PR firm for emerging beauty, wellness and lifestyle companies, dedicated to helping the underdog get noticed in a sea of lookalike brands.

You may know Nomaterra as the "the beautiful and luxurious scents [that fill the SOPHIE BLAKE boutique] with natural and organic ingredients inspired by a unique location." But what about the woman behind the brand?

Aggie Burnette Founder of Nomaterra & AB Creative

SB Chats with Aggie Burnett of Nomaterra & AB Creative NY 

Who is Aggie Burnett? Join us for an interview with Nomaterra's founder!

What's the first thing you do to get a good start to your morning?

I start with a positive mindset. I do my morning affirmations to get those good vibes and thoughts going. Then usually meditation and water with lemon.

What's a piece of jewelry you can't live without? or What is your favorite accessory to wear?

I’m obsessed with my Billy Cuff from SOPHIE BLAKE NY. It’s classic yet modern, and pairs well with all of my outfits for any occasion. I also love the 3 circle pendant necklace my husband got me for when my son was born. It has each of us on one of the circles with our anniversary and my son’s birthday on the back. It was custom made by Tracy Dungo.

Everything tastes better with a little:


Why is being a clean beauty brand important to you?

I am very conscientious of what I put in my body—we make sure to eat naturally and organically as much as we can and therefore I also apply that to anything I put on my skin too.

Aggie Burnette Founder of Nomaterra & AB Creative

If you had one week to escape where would you go and what would you do?

I would travel on an excursion boat in Antarctica where my great uncle, a wildlife photographer and videographer, was buried—visit the burial grounds but also discover the wildlife and kayak in the Antarctic straits between icebergs. That’s definitely a big bucket list item for me. 

What is one piece of advice you could give to aspiring boss ladies?

Figure out what makes you unique or different and then 10x that. I really believe that when you step into your strengths and amplify them, people will resonate with you in the most authentic way, and thus your brand. Are you an explorer? Are you a creative? Are you traditional? A rebel? A bookworm? Don’t try to take examples from other founders or other brands, really pave your own path based on who your authentic self is.

If you could define Nomaterra & AB Creative in three words, what would they be?


Shop products Inspired by Aggie Burnett

The perfect compliment to any style look this fall

Nomaterra Fragrance New OrleansSOPHIE BLAKE NY Billy Cuff in Rose Gold

Nomaterra New Orleans is Southern courtesy and sweet pleasantries of praline, almond, and green cognac notes unknowingly lure you in with an inexplicable, mysterious temptation that drops you into a hallucinogenic rabbit hole of datura’s night-blooming honeyed and carnal indulgence. Somalian myrrh and Omani frankincense transport you through the night, creating a spiritual tribute to Louisiana’s historic voodoo culture, while the aroma of lush osmanthus and iris awaken you from your bewitching dreams. Creole spices of peppers and cardamom blended with rare cocoa ground the composition, making this scent of lust and sin an alchemy of New Orleans’ otherworldly spirit. 

SOPHIE BLAKE NY Billy Cuff Rose GoldNomaterra New Orleans Perfume     

Nomaterra Fragrance Brooklyn SOPHIE BLAKE NY Billy Cuff in 14K Gold

Nomaterra Brooklyn incorporates Brooklyn Violet Leaf; a deep, rustic, edgy fragrance, redolent of an autumnal stroll along Brooklyn's violet-leaf clad cobblestone streets at twilight.Violet leaf embodies Nomaterra’s first cologne creating a juxtaposition of metallic coolness against an earthy, fresh cut-grass feel. The coastal violet is historically native to Brooklyn’s marshland coasts and now can be found peeking through sidewalk cracks all over the borough.

Nomaterra Brooklyn PerfumeSOPHIE BLAKE NY Billy Cuff 14K Gold

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The Autumn Nomaterra Fragrances, New Orleans and Brooklyn got us feeling like ...

Like Elle Woods we're pretty sure that Aggie scents her resumes with Nomaterra ... 

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Stay tuned for Issue N°10 as get personal with Hudson & Bleeker.

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