N°13: SB Chats with Boite De Lux

N°13: SB Chats with Boite De Lux

Published by Jilene Jackson on Apr 23rd 2020

SB Chats is a series of brief talks showcasing amazing boss ladies behind incredible brands. 

We want to introduce our friends and new collaboration partners Boîte de Luxe (BDL)!  Boîte de Luxe curates 100% real Ecuadorian roses and preserves them through a unique process. These lovely blooms are long lasting and are elegantly packaged leaving an impression of elegance. Boîte de Luxe is a compliment to the epitome of SOPHIE BLAKE style; timeless femininity. 

But what about the women behind the brand?

SB Chats with Mandana & Asalia of Boîte de Luxe

1. How did you get started?

"I love flowers but always felt sad when they wilted after just about a week, which sparked my interest in researching solutions to this problem. That’s how I came to the concept of preserved roses. As far as the presentation, I’m all about aesthetic and visuals, and always loved Parisienne hat boxes; they are so fun and ornamental! When customers are finished with their arrangement, they can always keep the Boite de Luxe hat box as a keepsake or repurpose it however they wish!"

- Mandana

2. Everything tastes better with a little:

"Champagne" -Mandana

"Hot sauce" - Asalia

3. What's a piece of jewelry you cannot live without? or What is your favorite jewelry accessory to wear?

"Necklaces" -Mandana

"Layered necklaces" -Asalia

4. What is one piece of advice you could give to aspiring boss ladies?

"You will achieve anything you reach for hard enough. Remember law of attraction!"


"When things get tough, learn to rest and recharge, not to quit. Making your dream a reality will require hard work and passion, but if you want it as badly as you need air to live, it will be yours."


Designers Asalia & Mandana of Boite de Luxe

5. If you could define Boîte de Luxe in three words, what would they be?

"Luxury, beauty, empowerment" -Asalia and Mandana

Egyptian Amber Holiday Box   Amber Noir Holiday Box


Join us for our collaboration event with Boîte de Luxe

on Saturday November 24th 2pm - 6pm RSVP Here.


Will you accept a Boîte de Luxe rose!?


Coming Soon: The SB Journal Issue N°14: SOPHIE BLAKE NY's 4 Year Anniversary (Meaning of 4)

Stay tuned for Issue N°14 as we celebrate our 4th Year Anniversary.

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