N°14: Happy 4th Year Anniversary: The Meaning of Four!

N°14: Happy 4th Year Anniversary: The Meaning of Four!

Published by Jilene Jackson on Apr 23rd 2020

We all have special numbers in our lives. Numbers that hold meaning, weight, and memories. This year we are focused on the beauty of the number four, as we celebrate the 4th Year Anniversary of SOPHIE BLAKE NEW YORK in the Mosaic District!

SOPHIE BLAKE NEW YORK store located at The Mosaic District Fairfax, VA

The Meaning of Four!

In creation we see Four as a form of completeness. To start off existentially, you might see your very existence in Four; You're Created or Conceived, you're Born, you Live, you Die. Geographically, we see Four regarding the four regions of the earth; North, South, East, West. Celestially, we see Four in the four major phases of the moon: New Moon, Crescent Moon, Quarter Moon, Full Moon.

Four Phases Of The Moon' By Rolf Geissinger Graphic Art Print sold at

Four Phases Of The Moon' By Rolf Geissinger Graphic Art Print sold at

In nature we experience Four, in the four great elements of the universe: Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Life is cyclical in Four, as we see throughout the year the four seasons; Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter. Have you stopped to think about your day? The pressure of limitation on our time is felt in Four. There is so much to do; in so little time. We must find a way to squeeze all we are to do and experience in the Four divisions of our day; Morning, Noon, Evening, and Midnight.

"Seasons" painting by Dilorom Abdullaeva

"Seasons" painting by Dilorom Abdullaeva

SOPHIE BLAKE Jewelry in Four

One of the hallmarks of SOPHIE BLAKE Jewelry is Geometry (which we introduced in SB Journal Issue N°1). Geometrically, we see Four in the four sides of a square. Sophie has incorporated squares and rectangles in her jewelry design; as seen in The Gatsby Earrings.

SOPHIE BLAKE NY Gatsby Earrings 14K Gold

Gatsby Earrings - 14K Gold 

Celebrating You!

Many of you have expressed how grateful you have been for SOPHIE BLAKE NY in your lives. We'd like to highlight some of you wearing SOPHIE BLAKE NY pieces.

Sophie's Pick For Your Holiday Gifting!

SOPHIE BLAKE NY Holiday Gift Guide The Chic Traveler


You're invited to the SOPHIE BLAKE NY 4th Year Anniversary Event 

Sunday December 16th 2pm-6pm! RSVP HERE

Happy Holidays from our family to yours! And Happy Anniversary SOPHIE BLAKE NY! 

May The Fourth Be With You! Cheers!

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby (2013)

Coming Soon: The SB Journal Issue N°15: Happy New Year from SOPHIE BLAKE

Stay tuned for Issue N°15 as we celebrate 2019 with style.

What Inspires You?

We want to know what inspires you too and how you express yourself with SOPHIE BLAKE NY jewelry!

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