SB Journal Issue N°11: SB Chats with Eram Siddiqui of Hudson & Bleecker

SB Journal Issue N°11: SB Chats with Eram Siddiqui of Hudson & Bleecker

Published by Jilene Jackson on Apr 23rd 2020

SB Chats is a series of brief talks showcasing amazing boss ladies behind incredible brands.

If you have shopped at SOPHIE or at Sophie's boutique located in the Washington DC metro area you may have come across or enjoy the stylishly functional travel and everyday life accessories of Hudson + Bleecker.  Hudson + Bleecker is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle accessories company "known for it's playful sophistication and thoughtful designs that brings modern luxury to your travels".

You may know Hudson + Bleecker as the attractive accessories that you tote around "for all of life's adventures; [that decorate the SOPHIE BLAKE boutique] with organized packing simplicity and custom designed patterned textiles for the very chic and yet so organized jetsetter.

But what about the woman behind the brand?

Hudson and Bleecker

SB Chats with Eram Siddiqui of Hudson + Bleeker

1. What's the first thing you do to get a good start to your morning?

Have a cup of hot tea and eat breakfast with my little one.

2. Everything tastes better with a little: 


3. What's a piece of jewelry you cannot live without? or What is your favorite jewelry accessory to wear?

I have two pieces of jewelry that I cannot live without. The first is my wedding ring and the second piece is a thin gold chain with a delicate pendant that has the initials of my sons name engraved on it. My husband gifted it to me when our little one was born and it means the world to me ... and my son. If I am not wearing it, he makes sure to call me out on it. 

4. If you had one week to escape where would you go and what would you do?

I would absolutely escape to a beautiful Kasbah in the low Atlas Mountains outside of Marrakech. I would get daily massages, eat homemade meals prepared for breakfast, lunch and dinner, read a book poolside, watch the sun set, star gaze at night, and do absolutely nothing more.

5. What is one piece of advice you could give to aspiring boss ladies?

Surround yourself with other boss ladies. When I first launched Hudson+Bleecker, I was so focused on launching my brand that I did not carve out time to establish and foster my tribe. In the past 2 years I have found other amazing women in business who I admire and tremendously respect who have become my tribe, my go-to network of boss ladies that I can bounce ideas off of, reach out for support and even collaborate with. Having a supportive network will not only help you grow your business, but will really help you as a CEO.

6. If you could define Hudson + Bleecker in three words, what would they be?


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Don't worry ... Hudson + Bleecker is TSA approved!

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