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The Inspiration Behind the Evening Rose Candle - SOPHIE BLAKE NY

The Inspiration Behind the Evening Rose Candle

Did you know that candles have been used to provide light for over 5,000 years?  Ancient Egyptians are believed to be the first to use candles and did so by dipping rolled papyrus in melted tallow or beeswax. While no longer needed for external light, candles continue to have a powerful impact in our homes today. Burning a candle evokes a variety of responses for different people, it can trigger a fond memory or transport you to another place. Candles are used for celebrations, romance, ceremonies, home decoration, and relaxation. There is something so comforting in such a simple act of lighting a flame, watching it burn, and breathing in the scent as it travels through your space. Although a simple concept, burning a candle is one of the best ways to relax as the soft illumination and warm scent bring a sense of stillness and serenity.

 With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, Sophie knew she wanted to develop a new candle, to create something sexy and smoky. A rose scented candle felt too cliché and she didn’t want it to smell overly floral. So, when Sophie developed the Evening Rose candle, it needed to be an inviting yet unfamiliar scent. With a little tinkering, Sophie created the perfect combination with the addition of a simple, yet impactful ingredient. By introducing birch, the Evening Rose candle became the perfect transition from Christmas to Valentine’s Day. It carries you from one celebration to the next and is a must for special occasions and anniversaries.

Photo Credit: Flower Photography by Suzanne Saroff

This limited-edition candle has a warm mix of eucalyptus and green floral mixed with middle notes of rose, lily, cypress, and birch. The base of the candle has notes of smoke and sandalwood, evoking that romantic and woodsy scent that is both rich and soft. The warm mix of rose and lily, anchored with a smokey and woodsy base creates the perfect combination that’s not overly floral but instead sweet, sharp, and invigorating.

The soft scent of Sophie Blake’s Evening Rose candle is perfect to light in any room of your home or to give as a gift for your Valentine or Galentine this year.

In anticipation of Galentine’s Day, which falls on Friday February 12th this year, we’ve rounded up some of the best gifts for your gal pals. If you’re lucky enough to have a friend that is always there to cheer you on and lift you up, a friend that is there through the highs and lows, then now is the perfect time to show her a little love on Galentine’s Day. We took a survey and found that most of our customers look to spend $50 or under on their Galentine. So, to make life easy, we’ve put together some of the best gifts so your girls can not only feel loved but practice a little self-love too. What better way to show your Galentine you care than the gift of self-care?

Galentine’s Gifts Under $50

The Natural Body Oil is the perfect gift for your Galentine to add to her self-care routine. This oil is a deeply hydrating moisturizer that leaves a radiant and natural glow. With a calming scent of lavender and chamomile, help transport your Galentine to ultimate relaxation.

Another great gift for your Galentine to feel her best, the Rowsie Vain Dream Girl fragrance oil invigorates and encourages your girl to really love herself. This fragrance moisturizes and nourishes with anti-aging properties too. Yep, It’s official. You’re an amazing friend. 

The Nourishing Glow Oil will help your Galentine feel her absolute best. Give the gift that will leave her skin moisturized and glowing throughout the day. She’ll be glowing on both the inside and outside. 

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