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Our Story


We’re guessing you’re here because you want your jewelry to be as stylish as the rest of you.

Here at SOPHIE BLAKE we value Creativity, Community and Empowering Women. We want you to celebrate those special milestone or treat yourself with something to uplift your mood and to delight you! Jewelry is at the core of our brand: offering chic, versatile and smart jewelry that carries you through the day, but we offer so much more.

With over 10 years of design and styling experience our brand works with local and international production facilities that are committed to fair wages and preserving traditional jewelry making techniques.

Our creative process starts with Sophie's personal inspirations from her travels around the world, with focus on contemporary art and design. Every piece is expertly handcrafted sustainably with recycled silver and micro-plated with 14k gold finish, rhodium and gunmetal, with importance on durability and versatility. 

We believe that jewelry should make you feel special. It’s your turn to shine!

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