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An Inside Look: New York Fashion Week - Runway Ready - SOPHIE BLAKE NY

An Inside Look: New York Fashion Week - Runway Ready

New York Fashion Week, the epicenter of street style, catwalks, celebrity snaps and model moments. There's always been a fascination with Fashion Shows.  Some of the earliest movies about Fashion brought the conversation on screen. "Funny Face" - a 1957 film takes place in New York City, where a fashion photographer Dick Avery (Fred Astaire) discovers Jo Stockton (Audrey Hepburn), a shy bookstore employee and shapes her career into a budding and successful model. 

In the early 2000's, movies like Devil Wears Prada, where Andy (Anne Hathaway) is a recent college graduate with big dreams, landing a job at prestigious Runway magazine, assistant to diabolical editor Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) and has to manage photoshoots and zip through runway shows  gave platform and attention the the buzzy semi-annual affair of runway presentations, afterparties and a flock of fashion photographers trying to snap the latest and greatest in trends. 

This year marked our 3rd season of being part of New York Fashion week and co-collaborating with the mother and daughter duo of Dur-Doux.

And so I embarked on a whirlwind journey with twists and turns. My mission was clear: to elevate our mid-luxury jewelry brand to new heights by participating in not one but two runway shows on September 9th one with Dur Doux and Bruce Glen, both incredibly talented and vibrant designers.  

Jewelry Highlights

The theme and trend across the board was oceanic treasures. "Sous Marine" collection featured 34 beach inspired looks and  over 136 pieces of jewelry for the show. Each model adorned a variation of long and asymmetric pearl drops, sleek and elegant ear cuffs and our classic Naomi cuff to finish the look. The jewelry collection provided the perfect finishing touch to Dur Doux's oceanic vision. The delicate balance of colors and sleek silver pieces breathed life into each ensemble, mirroring the collection's theme and capturing the essence of underwater beauty.

Backdrop at Hudson Yards

The Runway show took place at the iconic Hudson Yards, and the Dur Doux designer duo partnered with BondSt to provide the space for a catwalk and an afterparty soire to celebrate the show. 

Synchronized Style: Jewelry Meets Fashion

Collaboration was key at this year's New York Fashion Week, and we seamlessly integrated our jewelry pieces into the Dur Doux collection. The runway looks, masterfully styled by Christine Manthey, were elevated to new heights with the addition of our modern pieces. Tejahn Burnett's stunning shoe designs and our jewelry collection came together to create a harmonious and captivating visual narrative.

Setting Trends: SS24's Oceanic Influence

As I emmersed myself in the world of New York Fashion Week, it became evident that the leading trend for SS24 is the oceanic and underwater theme. Our jewelry brand's participation in Dur Doux's show not only showcased our commitment to staying at the forefront of fashion trends but also solidified our presence in the industry.

The Grand Finale

After the Dur Doux show, we swiftly transitioned to managing the looks for the Bruce Glen's runway show, 10 individual looks for Fashion Bomb Daily, that gave a nod to the 70's love culture and hope for unity. This whirlwind day was a testament to truly pushing creative and physical limits. 

New York Fashion Week 2023 was a milestone event for our brand. Our participation in both the Dur Doux and Bruce Glen runway shows showcased our jewelry's versatility and timeless appeal. As we look ahead to SS24, we are excited to continue embracing the balance of smart and sophisticated design and future partnerships in 2024 and beyond. 



Sophie Blake 


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