Issue N°16: Nothing In Between Studio

Issue N°16: Nothing In Between Studio

Published by Naomi Seifu on Apr 23rd 2020

Did you know that the word "February" is the most misspelled month of the year and also is born from the Latin word "Februarius" meaning "to purify"?

In fact, in ancient Rome, Februarius was the "Month of Purification".  Great festivities were held in Rome to re-establish the focus on righteous living.

As we enter the month of February, the best way to celebrate this month of purification and love is by partnering with a very special brand called Nothing In Between Studio (NIB). 

NIB represents a new form of nail care that uses non-toxic and eco-friendly polishes, individually tailored services, beauty nail care that gives you more then just a nail coat.

Join us on Sunday, February 10th for an afternoon of pampering, sips & bites and meet Jade Kim, the founder of Nothing in Between Studio as she talks more about the her eco-friendly, non-toxic, plant based studio. Get your mani's ready for Galentin'e Day, Single Awareness Day, Palentine's Day or which ever holiday you celebrate in observance of Valentine's Day ;)                                      

NIB Studio

SB Chats with Jade Kim Trusso founder of Nothing In BetweenWe took some time to chat with Jade and what inspired her to start her business. 

1) Where are you from and how did you get started on opening up your own Nail Studio?

I was born and raised in South Korea and have been in the United States for five years.It was a big transition, but I mostly enjoyed learning about the country, region and the wonderful people. Moving to a new environment has allowed me to adopt three rescued dogs that renewed my interest in a sustainable life, animals, wellness and healthy lifestyles. But there was one thing that I noticed was the lackluster quality of the nail industry in my local areas and thought I could make this industry fulfilled with a strong impact on clean beauty, wellness, eco-friendly atmosphere and minimalism.

2) What are your New Year goals for 2019?

I am so excited that NIB has so far been a great success and I think that 2019 will focus on NIB Studio's growth while providing a family friendly community based space offering nail care, meditation, relaxation, mind opening events while supporting a healthy lifestyle and eco-friendly services/products.

3) What is the first thing you do to get your day started?

Since I have so much to do during the day (you can find me at the salon all the time), I tend to wake up early, make my green smoothie to take to work, and take my enthusiastic dogs for a walk to start up the day with great exercise and some fresh air.

4) What was the inspiration that lead you to build NIB (Nothing In Between)?

Selena bracelet

I noticed that many of the nail salons that I went to in the local area contain run their business with countless negative aspects of nail industry such as toxic chemical polish ingredients, poor quality of nail products and equipment sanitation. I believed that these things should be at the forefront and cornerstone of all that NIB do to provide a “Healthy and Clean Nail Salon” for both employees and customers alike through a peaceful atmosphere environment of the place with non-toxic nail care. In addition, I support eco-friendly of everything for a better healthy life of all therefore I decided to offer the most safest and relaxing services through my nail studio a.k.a Nothing In Between Studio to people in my local area.

5) What is your favorite piece of accessory you can't leave the house with out and why that piece?

My husband’s Rolex watch. My father in-law gave to my husband as a gift when he graduated college and has great sentimental value to all of us. It’s a classic example of simple yet elegant and I just adore it.

NIB Shakra stones

6) What is one piece of advice you can give to our aspiring boss ladies like yourself?

Enjoy the path to your dream. How difficult and frustrating the process is, you’re approaching and getting closer to your dream so enjoying the process is an essential step to remind your passion. Also, the most important thing is consistency. Do not give up and keep striving to make it work, somehow, some way. It took us almost three years to get the salon off the ground and we had our ups and downs but it has been worth it to see my dream become reality.

Coming Soon: The SB Journal Issue N°17: Survey Says... 

Stay tuned for Issue N°17 Survey Says....we are so thankful for your continued support and want to hear from you, get your thoughts and feedback on how we are doing so far. Your input is incredibly important and gives us a chance to plan for an exciting 2019. Stay tuned for an awesome giveaway, with some of our favorite brands! 

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