My Story

Sophie Blake, my namesake jewelry brand, emerged from a modest apartment in Midtown Manhattan in 2011. My vision was simple: to capture the essence of travel and contemporary art in wearable form.
I've always been passionate about art, and after graduating from McGill University and moving to New York City, I discovered that jewelry was the perfect medium to express my creativity and reconnect with my inner child.

The Inspiration

Each collection is a reflection of my personal travel experiences. I want to bring the essence of the world's most inspiring destinations to you, through pieces that tell stories of culture and adventure.

Every piece tells a story that is deeply connected to its cultural origins, while remaining classic and timeless.


With over a decade of experience in jewelry design and seven years of running my own boutique, I understand that true greatness is achieved through dedication and time. Sophie Blake New York prioritizes quality, design, and artistry in every piece, transcending the latest trends.

My creations are designed to be worn with confidence, comfort, and ease.

Our Mantra

Our mantra is simple: "Embrace the 'S' in Life".

Whether it's through simplicity, soulfulness, or something special that connects you to your past and present, I encourage you to find jewelry that sparks your inner shine.

Remember, every day is a chance to express yourself and feel your best.

-Sophie Blake